Passionate About Your Health

The purpose of our Roanoke practice is to restore optimal health and healing to you by removing all interferences that prevent healing. Our first concern is your health, fitness, and vitality. Dr. Karen Baader, D.C., and Dr. Tom Baader, D.C., and staff have the passion necessary to assist you in reaching your health goals. Get adjusted today!

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  • Metabolic Boot Camp

    Our next Boot Camp will be held Saturdays, May 3, 10 & 24. Learn more and register today at our Boot Camp web site.

    Great Glutamine Sale

    Buy 1, save $5. Buy 3, save $20! This sale goes as long as the pyramid lasts, so hurry! Glutamine boosts your immune system, stabilizes blood sugars, increases your PH to burn more fat, soothes a sore throat, and calms the kids!

    ARC of Life Week

    Free Half Hour to Health class: ARC of Life • April 15, 6:00pm

    90% of people are missing the curve in their neck. Learn how to get an ARC, and support it with a cervical pillow. Receive a 20% discount on pillows all week. Call 540.966.1423 to reserve your spot in our FREE April 15 class!